Wakanda Forever
Wakanda Forever

Wakanda Forever

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Wakanda Forever

MANUFACTURER: Cardinal/Spin Master

Wakanda is under attack!

Help protect and keep the country safe from evil with Wakanda Forever, the exciting Marvel board game! In this fast-paced dice-rolling game, players each represent the five tribes of Wakanda and battle to defeat villains.
One player will lead the fight as the Black Panther with a special totem to earn more Wakanda Points than everyone else. The remaining players mine to collect Vibranium, powering their tech to defend Wakanda!
As you vanquish villains, you'll earn points and will have an opportunity to challenge the current Black Panther player in a battle to dethrone the King! Once a player has both the title of Black Panther and the most points, they'll be crowned the winner.

Will you become the next Black Panther?
Cement your legacy as the Black Panther with Wakanda Forever!

Wakanda Forever