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Team Story



It's panic in the Imaginary library! A magical tornado has turned the storybooks upside down and the stories are topsy-turvy. Storytellers and Auditors must compete in imagination and memory to piece together the stories… in the right order!  

Imagination and listening

Team Story is a storytelling and memory game, in which players must successively tell each other stories using cards they have in hand. Each story card is placed in the story order on the game board. At the end of the story, the cards are shuffled and placed in the middle of the unused cards. The player who listened to the story must then find the cards that were played by the narrators and put them back in order. 

A warm game!

With its simple mechanics and its sometimes epic, sometimes crazy, but always full of mischief, Team Story is the starting point for hundreds of stories, each richer than the next. The game contains two distinct universes (magic or adventures) for stories with enchanting themes! Focused on storytelling or listening, children love to get lost in the twists and turns of storytelling by offering lots of exciting details to their stories. The more faithfully the Listener renders the story, the more points everyone will be able to score, which encourages everyone to listen carefully to the story of the others. 

Adjustable difficulty

Team Story allows you to play from 5 years old, but allows the greatest challenges more to their measure, in particular with longer stories or by crossing universes for ever more unforeseen events. Alternately epic, mischievous, tender or wacky, Team Story allows players to invent and experience thrilling and intense stories, which they will remember long after each game! 


• Content: 60 Magic cards, 60 Adventure cards, 5 Parchment board tiles  , 1 hourglass, 1 block of score sheets, 1 Grimoire screen  and 1 Game rule.

• Card size: 120 cards in mini format

Box size:  11 x 18 x 5cm  (Troll & Dragon Format).

Loki is a French publishing house, born from the will to create new and playful horizons for children

        Team Story