Supernatural Q-Pals Plush Crowley

Supernatural Q-Pals Plush Crowley

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Supernatural Q-Pals Plush Crowley

MANUFACTURER: Quantum Mechanix

All Hail the King

Watch your back! We've summoned Supernatural's irascible Crowley as a Q-Pals Plush.

Complete with full beard and dressed fashionably in a black suit and greatcoat, the crossroads demon and King of Hell just might betray you before deciding to become your ally. And be on the lookout for his big, invisible hellhound. Quite the teeth on that one.

Crowley is just one character in our line of QMx Q-Pals plush figures. Be sure to pick up Dean Winchester, his brother Sam, angel buddy Castiel and Coach Dean working undercover.



8 in high

20 cm high




Surface washable only. Air dry.

Supernatural Q-Pals Plush Crowley