Crea Dough Fun Set

Crea Dough Fun Set

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Prepare your child for an art-filled playtime with the Crea Dough 60-Pieces Fun Set. With over 60 pieces of items inside including an assortment of 20 different coloured pots of dough, 24 forms, 6 cookies and a syringe, this playset will get your child "cooking up" some of the most delicious-looking dough creations ever made!

Children as young as three years can develop their creativity and their hand-eye coordination along with fine motor skills with this set of modelling dough.

Features :

  • The Crea Dough 60-Pieces Fun Set includes:
    • 20 Coloured Clay/Dough Pots
    • 24 Forms
    • 6 Cookies
    • 1 Syringe
  • Let your child create all types of shapes using the moulds.
  • Decorate the yummy-looking sweets using the syringe by placing some dough inside.
  • The included modelling clays/dough are non-toxic and made from high-quality material, to let your child design their own creations without having you worry about their safety
  • Each Crea Dough colour is super soft and non-sticky, making it easy for little hands to shape into their own designs.
  • Suitable for kids from 3 years and up.

Inspire your child to have a hands-on "baking" activity with the awesome Crea Dough 60-Pieces Fun Set!

Crea Dough Fun Set