Chocolate Fix Game

Chocolate Fix Game

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    You will get hungry playing this game 

    • Single Player
    • Ages 8 to Adult

     There are nine chocolates on a 3x3 matrix board. Each type of chocolate (colour) has three different shapes. The goal is to place the chocolates on the board in the correct configuration given the set of clues on the card. The solution is on the reverse of the card. You will need to use Logic and deduction to get the correct solution.

    Whats in the box

    • 40 Challenge Booklet
    • 9 Pieces
    • 18 Shape & Colour Place Holders
    • 1 Chocolate Tray
    • Game-Go Bag


    Learning Outcomes

    • Creative & Critical Thinking
    • Imagination
    • Numeracy


    Board pieces can't be eaten :-)

Chocolate Fix Game