ETA Update - October 2021

October ETA Update - Livestream follow up and shipping delays 

Thanks everyone for tuning into our first livestream! Thanks to everyone for your questions and the amazing feedback. 

As I said in the livestream we're providing an update to ETA for a few major lines. Lockdowns in both Victoria and NSW are still currently affecting our suppliers, as such we are experiencing delays with our deliveries. There are ongoing issues with suppliers getting access to stock on time due to the hold ups at the docks in Melbourne and Sydney and delays with domestic air freight.

Our imports stock is being impacted by the recent hold on Australian shipments by a number of USA shipping agencies including USPS, UPS. Some of these companies have effectively stopped shipping to Australia altogether. Currently DHL (our imports provider) is still shipping to Australia, but at a reduced service, significantly reducing the amount of stock we're receiving each week. 

Unfortunately we're also receiving an increased amount of damaged stock, which can be attributed to a number of things, including packages sitting in containers for long periods. We try our best to contact anyone directly impacted by imported stock delays and damaged stock. 

We apologise for any inconvenience. 



Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) is exactly that, an estimate of the stock arrival to our supplier. We then add an additional period of time on top of the supplier ETA to account for the time it takes for it arrive to us. It can take up to two weeks for stock to arrive to us from the supplier because we are regionally based. For this reason we DO NOT provide actual release dates or arrival times on product listings. Actual arrival of products is advertised via our social media. 

Currently we are adding about a month to actual product ETA to allow for

  • shipping delays
  • additional stock arrival time from supplier
  • product embargo (where required)

It can then take between 5-10 business days for us to ship out your orders once stock arrives to us. We try our best to ship out orders as quickly as possible.


Products with current ETA changes and delays

Pokemon -

Sword & Shield

  • Checklane stock - on track for end of October
  • V union special collection - end of October
  • Eevee Evolutions tins - on track for end of October


  • Charizard/Dark Sylveon V Box - on track for end of October (embargo until 22/10/21)
  • Pikachu V-Union Collection - Drop 1 late October / Drop 2 early November (embargo until 22/10/21)
  • Celebrations Mini Tin - December
  • Ultra Premium Collection - December
  • Celebrations Collectors Chest - January


Statues & Figures -


  • Marvel Museum Replicas - December
  • Sonic - December


Funko -

Wondercon Imports

  • Delayed due to USA shipping issues and damaged stock - please email us with your order number if you would like an update on your specific order

My Hero Academia - Sasuke - ETA now December 2021

Metallica Pop! Album - ETA now January 2022




Unfortunately due to the above mentioned stock and shipping delays, it is going to be very difficult to ensure arrival of gifts before Christmas unless they are ordered early.

Now would be a good time. Cut off for Christmas delivery will be Mid-November (we will confirm actual dates soon). If you leave your Christmas shopping to the last minute you will likely be left disappointed.

ETA Update - October 2021