Dragon Ball Z - Shenron [Imported] Funko Pop! Update: Delayed due to Damage

Important Update

Update regarding the status of our Funimation Imported 10" Shenron (Metallic/GITD) PoP! Vinyls. 

Firstly, to our amazing Dragon Ball customers, we are so thankful for your patience while we have been trying to fulfill all of your orders. This has felt like an almost impossible task for us. 

Originally slated for arrival from the USA in November 2020, the Shenron delivery has had multiple issues including delays due to Covid shipping delays and significant box damage on multiple shipments, including again on the most recent arrival last week. We were hoping would give us the final numbers we needed to complete orders, but alas damaged again. 

Whilst we do state in our terms and conditions that items ship as they arrive, we are also collectors and endeavour to send customers the best quality products that we can. You spend a lot of money on these imports and we don't want to be shipping out poor quality items. We have on each occasion decided against shipping the products as arrived because of the significant box or paint damage.

These images are just some of the damage that we have seen when these have arrived. This has been so disheartening for us. 


Please continue to be patient with us while Matt works his magic to get you all your Pop!s. We will update you as best we can with ETA's for your specific order but if you have any questions regarding your Shenron orders please reach out to us at funko@collectemall.com.au 


We apologise for the delays but hope this post helps give you some idea what we've been dealing with and the frustration at not being able to deliver your items in a timely manner. 

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Dragon Ball Z - Shenron [Imported] Funko Pop! Update: Delayed due to D