2021 WonderCon Virtual Con - Important details FAQ and T&C's

Hey Gatherers of Funko's finest, after initially being delayed back in March, we're ready to go to Wonder Con! Get your blanket burritos and snacks ready, this will be a late night party! We go live online at 11pm, Friday 23rd of March.

Continuing with the Virtual Convention trend from last year as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. WonderCon @ Home brings you all the fun of the Funko Convention Exclusive Pop! Vinyls right to your door, via your digital device! 

If you're missing the feeling of being at a Convention, thanks to ComicCon.Org you can download your very own WonderCon Attendee Badge! Click below to download and print your badge (Please note, the Badges are located on the official WonderCon website and dates shown are for the original convention date - you'll require PDF editing software to edit the Badge - Print instruction are available when downloading)


As Wonder Con is virtual, online is the main way to access details regarding the Convention. We will be doing all announcements via our social media platforms (Facebook and Instagram) and the website.

Some important details you need to be aware of:

  • Collect Em All will not be releasing any details regarding the products we will have available for sale for the event. Don't ask, answers may offend!
  • Stock of Convention exclusive products are VERY limited and we cannot guarantee that items you are looking for will be available.
  • Due to the limited stock we have imposed a One (1) of each item per person limit. Orders with multiple of an item will be CANCELLED and will incur a 15% admin and restocking fee
  • Re-stocks of sold out products are also not guaranteed.
  • You are welcome to yarn with us AFTER the products are live to enquire about sold out products or possible re-orders. Customers who contact us about items before the launch time of 11pm will be placed at the end of the contact queue.
  • Please be aware that adding an item to your cart does not reserve this item and as such your order is NOT GUARANTEED and may go walkabout while you decide if you're going to click the thing.
  • All Pop!s will ship in protectors. 
  • MINT BOX collectors MUST include FREIGHTY Insurance with their purchases. If you choose not to include insurance we cannot guarantee the condition or replacement of your Pop!  
  • Local collectors can order online and select Local Delivery or In-store Pickup (Click and Collect).
  • Click and Collect orders will be available for collection from 12:30pm on Saturday 24th April. Please do not ask for your order before this time, you will be asked to leave and come back. Home delivery will take place from Monday 26th of April. 


WonderCon Convention US Exclusives [Imports]

If you are hunting any of the non-shared, Con and US retailer stickered exclusives please be patient with us.

We need to source the products through our US crew before advertising them online. Many of our US crew members are in some form of isolation due to Covid-19 so it may take additional time to get the stock details.

US exclusives (imported) will go live throughout the day on Saturday 24th of April and you'll be updated via social media when they are available. These items are obviously imported and therefore purchasers need to be aware that products ship as arrived (as per our usual T&C's). We highly recommend that FREIGHTY Insurance is used when placing imported orders. 


In-store Convention stock

No stock from this convention will be available in-store until the Monday following the Convention (Monday 26th April). The floor stock will consist of any remaining items following the shipping of all online orders. We cannot guarantee any stock will be available. 


We are looking forward to going live with you on Friday Night, See ya all then!

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2021 WonderCon Virtual Con - Important details FAQ and T&C's